Patrick dressed as a fully loaded jäger,   with the reversible anorak with the grey side outermost. Field grey mountain trousers are worn along with puttees and mountain boots. He wears the standard Bergmütz and aluminium framed goggles with green/yellow lenses as headgear. On his back is the mountain troops' rucksack, bread bag and large size canteen. Round his waist is the standard belt with Heers buckle and matching ammunition pouches for the G33/40 rifle which are supported by hooks on the shoulder straps of the rucksack. A pick/hammer and pitons hangs from a hank of climbing rope around his neck. In his hand is the symbolic mountain ice pick.
 Patrick beside part of his impressive collection of original Gebirgsjäger equipment including: Skis and poles, Ice pick, G33/40 rifle, snow shoes with a stick grenade, zeltbahn (splittermuster pattern) helmet with camouflage cover resting on the mountain rucksack. He wears the rank of second lieutenant Bergführer of the 100th GJR and has been awarded the infantry assault badge, Iron cross 1st and 2nd class and the coveted Bergführer breast badge (see below for clearer image) awarded to those mountain troops who acted as mountain guides and had had one years qualifying experience in this active role. He holds a "Wolchowstock" a traditional souvenir stick of the eastern front. A pair of 8 x 30 field glasses are hung from his neck. On the waist is a leather map case and standard officer's service belt and silver buckle.
Patrick as a second lieutenant Bergführer of the 100th GJR. He is a veteran of the campaign in Crete as he wears the Kreta cuff title issued to all combatants who took part in the battle. On the side of the Bergmütz is the classic edelweiss metal insignia. You can see the Bergführer breast badge with the white enamelled surround with the words 'Heersberführer" in gothic lettering.
Special thanks to Patrick Kiser for the use of his images and collection
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