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- Minor cosmetic changes. New Title Banner - thanks Patrick. Corrected error with FH105 table data in 2./Gebirgsartilleriebataillion 225 section. Added link to 5th Gebirgsjäger 100th Rgt's website from Command Post.

- Introducing the addition of Patrick Kiser as Co-host. This will allow the site to move forward with more current updates and additions. 

- Added search engine and site index to main page to assist site navigation.

- Updated Command Post page with upcoming event for May.
- Updated 2. Geb 136 .Rgt 2 kompanie with new images from FIG Jan 2000 
  (sorry it took so long Neil :-).
- Updated 2. Geb 136 .Rgt 1 kompanie with dedicated web page link.

- Added more images to Photo-Scrapbook section.
- Updated Links section, removed deadlinks and added two.

- Added image of 5th 100th Colorado re-enactors to Command post 5100 section.
- Added more images to Photo-Scrapbook section.

- New Photo-Scrapbook with rare and unseen photographs from photo albums and personal collections. Accessed from the Related Topics Page.

- Added 5th Gebirgsjager Div.100th Gebirgsjager Reg. 1st Battalion 2nd Kompanie 2nd Zug to Command Post section.

- New Gebirgsjäger Music section with lyrics to songs unique to the Gebirgsjäger Soldaten. Accessed from the Related Topics Page.
- Updated links page. CHG, and Bill Berau's added.
- Email address changed to

- New Photo Section with images from the book "Der Stoss in Frankreichs Herz" focusing on the 1.Gebs push into France 1941. Accessed from the Related Topics Page.
- Added 2 new images to Command Post section 2. Geb 136 .Rgt 2 kompanie.
- Added new award gif  for Graphical Excellence to index page. Not related to the war effort, but I am proud anyway ;-)

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