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The Gebirgsjäger Command Post will help you to find a listing of known Gebirgsjäger Re-enactment groups. Where possible I will give both postal and email addresses.
1. Geb 98 Regiment
8. Geb
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The Eisenhower National Historic Site
September 16th & 17th 2000
This ENHS event is period field set up and you should plan on bringing your own rations. There will be sanitary facilities available - but no showers facilities

Whitehall 2000
WW2 ETO Battle Re-enactment 
"Crossing the Moselle at Ep'Inal"
October 6,7 & 8th, 2000

The US 45th Infantry Division reenactors, present a battle re-enactment on a unique setting. Whitehall Parkway, located in Whitehall, PA, offers abandoned railway sidings, old buildings and ruins, mountain goat terrain, 3 bridges, and other good re-enacting terrain for a tactical event. This is one you don't want to miss.

The setting is Southern France, the not so soft underbelly of Europe. October, 1944 near Vosges Mountains, gateway to Bavaria. The tactical situation sees both sides in good defensive terrain. Objectives can be taken, but at a high cost. Who will win?

Registration for the event is due by 9/15/00 and is restricted to invitation only.

For registration contact:
WW2 Re-Creation Association
19 Alton Way
Burlington, NJ 08016

Fort Mifflin
November 18th & 19th 2000

The Axis 45th Infanterie Division are hosting the battle of "Torgau" at Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia November 18th and 19th.
Fort Mifflin is a revolution era fort situated on the Delaware river
featuring brick and dirt magazines and a classic star shaped brick and dirt fortification.Details for this event will be available at the ENHS event above.

"Battle of the Bulge" 
at Fort Indiantown Gap, PA
 January 24th - 28th, 2001

The terrain at FIG closely resembles the area of the original battle and supports armor.


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