296th Gebirgsjäger Regiment
297th Gebirgsjäger Regiment
1057th  Gebirgs Artillerie Regiment
1057th  Gebirgs-Panzerjäger Abteilung 
1057th Gebirgs-Pionier Abteilung 
1057th Gebirgs-Nachrichten Abteilung 
1057th Divisional support units
Formed February 1945 
Mobilised on ? 
Home, Garmisch 

Not a great deal is known about this particular unit, It was formed in 1942 in Norway and is believed to have comprised 142. and 144. Gebirgs- Infanterie Regiments and Gebirgs-Artillerie Regiment 124, presumably  with the usual Panzerjäger, Pionier and Nachrichten support units. It is not believed to have reached full strength, but saw action in the far north of the Eastern Front until late 1944, when it was transferred to Italy and saw action mainly in Northern Italy against the Allies in the Bologna and Po valley area. At this time it numbered only around 3,00 men, and was on the Order of Battle of 10.Armee. 

It surrendered in Italy in April 1945.

Thanks to Jason Pipes for historical reference material. 
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