Generalleutnant August Krakau
144th Gebirgsjäger Regiment
206th Gebirgsjäger Regiment
82nd Gebirgs Artillerie Regiment
99th Kraftrad Abteilung 
99th Gebirgs-Panzerjäger Abteilung 
99th Gebirgs-Pionier Abteilung 
99th Gebirgs-Nachrichten Abteilung 
99th Divisional support units
Formed November 15. 1941 
Mobilised ? 
Home, Furth 

This formation was originally intended as a Jäger unit: it was formed in 1940 as 99.Jäger Division, and served as such on the southern sector of the Eastern Front. In the winter of 1941/42 it was withdrawn from the front and returned to Germany, where it was re-formed as a Gebirgs division. In February 1942, as 7.Gebirgs Division, it returned to action, rejoining the front in Finland. 

This division remained in this sector until the Finns concluded their peace negotiations with the Soviets, at which point it withdrew through Lapland into Norway and became part of XVIII Gebirgskorps. In 1945 it was supposed to be returning to Germany to aid in the defensive battles there, but the war ended before the transfer could be made. The division surrendered to the British in Norway in May 1945.

Thanks to Jason Pipes for historical reference material. 
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