Generalleutnant Hans von Höesslin 
1.12.39 to 31.3.43 and 20.10.43 to 8.5.45
901st Gebirgsjäger Regiment
902nd Gebirgsjäger Regiment
903rd Gebirgsjäger Regiment
904th Gebirgsjäger Regiment
1088th Gebirgs Artillerie Regiment
1088th Gebirgs-Pionier Abteilung
1088th Gebirgs-Nachrichten Abteilung
1088th Divisional Support units
Formed January 3.1944  
Home, Innsbruck   

This unit originated as a reserve division used principally for training Gebirgsjäger, who would then be posted on to one of the other Gebirgs divisions.  

In the latter part of 1944 it was redesignated to the status of a full Gebirgs-Division and saw limited service in the Balkans before being swallowed up in the collapse of the Eastern Front in where it surrendered to the Yugoslavs in May, 1945.  

It was commanded by Generalleutnant Hans von Höesslin, who was executed as war criminal in Belgrade in 1947. 

Thanks to Jason Pipes and G.M. Croisier for historical reference material. 
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